Monday, November 9, 2009

Holiday Season Ahead

As the calendar turns to November, we enter into a time of holidays galore. But I suppose the purpose of this blog is to remind everyone, L e t ' s s l o w d o w n.
There is enough stress and pressure throughout this time of year, we don't need to compound it all by speeding things up. And speaking of speeding things up, Christmas songs on various radio stations???? Give me a break. I am all for the birth of Christ's celebration, but in its due time. We have veterans to thank and respect, we have Pilgrims to remember and relive their tradition, we have to recall the "date which will live in infamy," and we even have "National Regifting Day" (Dec. 18, for those who really wanted to know). So, let's don't rush to get to Christmas, because if we do, we may not be going slow enough to really enjoy it and really think about its true meaning. Happy Holidays to come.

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